Sunday, November 1, 2009

UFOs Over Fenland, UK Again

UFOS have been spotted over Fenland again, with several people seeing strange lights in the sky.

Andy Dowe, who lives in Tilney St Lawrence, watched four lights over the Wisbech area for more than an hour on Friday night.

He said his mother, who also lives in the village, saw them as well, as did some friends from Walpole St Andrew.

Andy, who works in Wisbech, said his son first spotted the lights at 8.15pm.

"The lights hovered and moved in the sky," Andy recalled, "often looking as though they would collide with each other. They would stop and either go what appeared to be up or down. Then they would return and chase each other around.

"They were white lights and sometimes appeared cigar shaped but other times resembled the shape of an upturned saucer. Sometimes the lights would appear as just two moving slowly, then zipping across the sky and being joined by more."

Andy added that later that night, the lights appeared over towards the March area before disappearing.


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