Sunday, October 25, 2009

Have UFOs Landed in La Pampa, Argentina?

Near the towns of Villa Iris and Jacinto Arauz, La Pampa province, in a field of 50 hectares, hundreds of strange circles could be seen, in which the grass is burnt, and so far the origin of the phenomenon remains a mystery.

Fernando Lehr, an agricultural engineer who serves on the INTA extension agency in the town of Guatraché, told a local newspaper: “When I saw the photographs in newspapers, I told the people that were with me that there are many pests that act like that, in circles,” and that “I had not benn in Jacinto Arauz town or had seen these markings in person, but the forms and the situation is very similar.”

The lot belongs to rural producer Sergio Forestier, and over a hundred circles of different sizes between two and 17 meters in diameter can be observed in the property.

The yellow flowers that are in the field, within the rings are dry, as if they were burned, but outside the circle, they are green and flowering.

Forestier said: “I do not know what to think. I spent entire nights working on the tractor and I never saw anything strange.”

Also stated that “Now there are people who make many assumptions about these circles. I, honestly, can not say anything. I found the circles and I want them to be analyzed”…

And added: “We have been very careful when talking because we do not want people to think evil.”

Ufologist Fabian Romano, toured of the area on a plane and told the online edition of ‘El Diario de Paraná’ that it would be hasty and risky to associate the circles with the phenomenology related to UFOs. ”

He added that “It is risky and hasty to say that the circles are UFO related,” and that “not all circles have the same characteristics. Moreover, not all are right. In the main circle, the plants are in the process of dying, are dehydrated.”


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