Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"UFO" Sighted in Penang, Malaysia

PENANG, MALAYSIA - A 'burning fireball' was seen at Balik Pulau, where an unidentified object was rumoured to have whizzed across the sky earlier.

However, the prank was exposed after the residents' careful observation and found that the shape of the 'fireball' was similar to a burning 'cup lump (naturally coagulated latex)'.

Residents started to gather around the oil palm estate since the rumour of spotting an UFO was spread over Kuala Sungai Pinang and Sungai Rusa. They kept on looking at the sky, hoping to see the rumoured flying object.

A Sin Chew Reporter went to the oil palm estate at Sungai Rusa and waited for more than two hours after setting up the tripod and camera. Suddenly, a floating 'fireball' appeared on the sky.

However, the 'fireball' was not whizzing across the sky as the rumour said. Instead, it was moving up and down above a coconut tree.

The flame caught the residents' attention and everyone was shouting when they saw the 'UFO'. A few young men immediately climbed onto the motorcycles and rushed to the location where the 'fireball' was.

The residents were nervous at first. They then realised that they had been fooled after a careful observation as the 'fireball' was actually moving up and down straightly. The inferred that it was actually a cup lump as it kept dropping blaze.

When they realised that it was a prank, they tried to get into the jungle to look for the person. However, as the only way to get in was through a deep marsh, they could only observe outside the jungle.

The "farce" lasted for about 15 minutes when the prankster stopped pulling the 'fireball'.

However, the 'fireball' continued burning and some residents stayed over as they were worried that it might cause a fire.

Source: You Hsueh Lin and Sin Chew Daily

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