Saturday, October 31, 2009

UFOs Reported in Sutton Skies

KEEP watching the skies – the Observer has received several reports of UFOs during October. All witnesses speak of a strange, glowing light traversing the night sky over Sutton.

Accounts range from an intangible orb to a clearly defined mass bathed in a 'burnt orange' energy. The latter is said to have a plane's fixed-wing and 'nose' design, but bears no flashing lights while it defies conventional laws of physics.

Now the members of the public who have had these close encounters want to satisfy their curiosity, asking: "Do you know what they are?"

They are also wondering whether any more residents have experienced similar phenomena.

The first unexplained report focuses on Saturday, October 3. The Observer did not publish it to see whether additional calls from the public would independently corroborate the eyewitness account.

"We had just come out of a restaurant on Lower Parade and it was about 9.15pm," said a female resident who asked not to be named.

"There was a party of six of us and we were waiting for a few moments following a family gathering.

"My niece suddenly said 'what's that'? and I saw an object flying low over The Mall shopping centre.

"It was like an orb, with a gold light that was almost orange and a reddish glow on top of it.

"Then a second one appeared following it, flying very silently and low towards Marks and Spencer.

"Two chaps were also watching them go over the buildings and we said we would go to the other side of the street to see whether we could continue watching.

"We saw one, but it got so high so quickly."

She added: "I don't know how big the objects were – they were perhaps a couple of hundred feet in the air.

"It was hard to tell whether they were solid objects or not with the glow and no sign of solid shape."

Similar reports filtered through to the newsdesk, matching a spate of national reports during the summer which some UFO enthusiasts put down to special floating lanterns that have become fashionable to release at weddings.

But then this week, a Four Oaks resident contacted the Observer to share an incident from October 18 that he has been unable to put out of his mind.

He spotted an aircraft above Mere Green, travelling north towards Lichfield.

"It was 10.40pm," he said, also asking not to be named.

"I noticed something and thought 'that's a bright star'.

"Then I thought 'it has to be a planet', but it soon seemed to be more like a plane.

"I could see the shape of wings and a 'nose' on it, but it hadn't got lights on and the whole of the shape was surrounded by a burnt orange colour; it was bathed in it. I've never seen anything like it in my life.

"I heard no noise in all the time I was watching which was about ten minutes.

"Then it went up through the clouds, getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared."

He said: "It was most unusual. If it was a plane it would have had lights on and, despite the wings, it was going up vertically just as a helicopter would take off.

"Before that, it had seemed to be just 'holding' in the sky.

"I couldn't say how low it was, or how big and I'm glad it was no closer – you hear of people disappearing.

"If it's an experiment, or a new plane, we should be told."


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