Wednesday, October 7, 2009

UFO Photographed at St Paul's Cathedral

'Proof' ... craft over St Paul's Cathedral

THIS is the moment a 'UFO' whizzed past St Paul's Cathedral.

The mysterious orb was snapped unwittingly by amateur photographer Tim Letten as he took took a pic for a competition.

The object was caught head on in the stunning shot as Tim took a photo of the famous London landmark.

But the keen snapper did not notice the mystery craft until he put his photos on his computer at home.

Tim, 43, from Essex, said: "I was taking pictures along the river for a competition and captured a picture of an object flying across the sky which I thought was an aeroplane.

"When I got home I put it on my computer, zoomed in and thought 'It must be a UFO!'"

And the photo has definitely convinced Tim that we're not alone.

The excited designer said: "Looking at that, if anyone doesn't believe, they must be mad!"

Source:  The Sun

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