Saturday, October 31, 2009

UFO Cow Abduction Caught on Videotape in Argentina

It's a story like a science fiction movie: A UFO is said to have kidnapped a cow in Argentina.  It was beamed upward! These are the claims of TV channel "Channel 3" in a report.

A witness presented to the camera several (very sharp) photos, proving the incredible assertion, and discusses with the world. The event originated north of the city of Rosario in the vicinity of a river.

On display is a dark disc (UFO) and a bright spot (cow). The alleged animal is floating in the air, as if it was carried by a beam of energy - as we see often in movies.

Real or fake? The witness is sure that it is not a helicopter, etc. She says: "It seemed as if the cow was sucked up by the UFO. After a few minutes both vanished. "Her husband who stood by, confirmed the incident.

But why should aliens do such a thing? UFO experts are divided: for medical experiments - or because they could feed on the animals' blood ...


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