Sunday, October 25, 2009

More UFO Sightings in the UK

NEW reports of UFO sightings have been coming in this week following news of a sighting of "strange orange lights" in the sky by a Penparc couple two weeks ago.

Since the story appeared in last week’s Tivy-Side other readers have reported seeing similar lights. Two weeks ago Nick and Erika Partis saw an orange light above the village, which moved off at great speed towards the east.

This week Cardigan town councillor Nicky Charlton-Lewis sent in details of a sighting from New Quay. She said: "We were having a late holiday in a caravan on the coast. I was out on the decking on the Sunday evening and saw an orange, large bright light, rising up from the Cardigan end of coast slowly upward diagonally."

She added that she and her husband had no idea what it could be.

"There was no sound and the light was fairly large and bright, so it didn't seem to be extremely distant," she added.

Mike Lewis, from Aberporth, reported seeing orange lights in the sky over the village just before 9pm a week last Friday.

"We were on our way home and stopped while driving down the hill near the church to look at them," he said.

"There were four orange balls in formation, moving swiftly. I had time to call home and tell my son and he could see them too from home, heading towards Penbryn. We had never seen anything like it before."

Mike, who is editor of the Tivy-Side’s sister paper, the South Wales Guardian, based in Ammanford, had been working on a story about similar lights in the sky over Betws.

"The theories there at the moment are that these could be weather satellites, but no-one seems sure about that," he added.

Both the Ministry of Defence and managers at West Wales Airport have said they know of no aircraft activities of any kind taking place at the times the orange lights were seen in the Cardigan, Aberporth and New Quay areas.


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